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Psalmist Brenda Kwaidah Gospel Recording Artist/Rhythm of Gospel Awards Nominee 2018 in 5 Categories!

Psalmist Brenda is A women full of passion pursuing the depthness of the things of GOD, set apart chosen to bring healing to those that are held captive. Brenda has a gift to usher people into the prescence of GOD that allows anyone captive to leave free broken from the chains of bondage.

Brenda is a singer, song writer and a mother of 4 beautiful kids that also love GOD. She also loves working with other artist and developing worship leaders. Being a worship leader requires much more than just singing it demands a relationship with the father and true intimacy with him and knowing his voice.

New Music Available NOW 2018

The greatest moments on stage across the country and the muscians I worked with. Rowan Chapman Bass Player and Producer, Patrick Guilder Keyboard and producer, Leonard Jarman Keyboard and producer, Keith Andes world renown pianist and producer/Movie Scorer.

Transparent flow is a compilation CD that consist of real life transparent songs.

  1. Survivor
  2. Dream Again
  3. Seek Your Face

Brenda Kwaidah new single Survivor made number 1 on the Top 10 countdown on KTGDSradio Arizona 2017

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How May I serve You!

For your ministry needs please reach out to either Brenda or her Manager Damon Coleman at the following info provided.


Complete info and a contract agreement will be sent to you for booking. Looking forward to

worshipping with you.


E-mail: kwaidahmusic@gmail.com

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